Realtors and Builders

This video demonstrates how Crusader Media produces jaw dropping video of the homes that you are selling. 

Wedding Videos

Your wedding day is the most memorable and monumental event in your life. While the day itself may only last a short time, we understand that you’ve invested an incredible amount of thought and care in it by choosing the perfect dress, flowers, venue, and decorations to make it a magical one that you’ll want to relive over and over again. Choosing the right videographer to capture one of the most memorable events in your life and telling the story of your great day is essential. 

Festivals and Events

Crusader Media provides video production of your events which will help you attract more visitors to your future events. Our goal is to put you in the best light, every time, on time.  

Real Estate Tours

Let Crusader Media produce stunning real estate tours that will help you sell your home faster and for more money. 

Community Development Videos

Crusader Media crafts videos that help you showcase the incredible features in your neighborhood. 

Advertise Your Town

Crusader Media develops videos that will help attract visitors, tourists and new business to your community, town or city. 

Showroom Demonstrations

Crusader Media will partner with you to develop the visuals that will demonstrate your organizations capabilities, informing your customers why they should choose you. 

Product Placement

Let Crusader Media help you sell your product or service through visuals that attract attention. 

What is Crusader Media?

Our goal is to help tell your story in a compelling way through videography and photography. Whether it is residential or commercial real estate, construction, training, special events, inspections, concerts or film Crusader Media has the experience you need to supercharge your website, social media, brochures and all marketing materials with jaw dropping aerial videos and photos. Crusader Media is committed to putting you and your organization in the best light, every time, on time.