Every Realtor Should Know


Can anyone fly a drone?

Anyone can fly drones for a hobby but should be aware of the laws.  Anyone that flies drones for commercial use (i.e. real estate photography, inspections, videography, etc.) are required by law to possess either a Part 107 certification or Section 333 (both issued by the FAA). 


Is it legal to hire an unlicensed pilot?

The answer for this is also no and the penalty is greater to the one hiring than it is to the pilot! The penalty is steep for a pilot at $1,100 per violation. 

What is worse is that the penalty is much greater to the one that hires the pilot and causes the unauthorized flight. The penalty can be up to $11,000!


Crusader Media is your source!

Crusader Media employs only experienced drone pilots, we also provide training to new pilots and operate in full compliance with all FAA regulations.